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Automated Transactional WhatsApp Message Sender Save or Drops Bill to Folder to Send Instant message Grabs MobileNo and Bill details from PDF Invoice Copy - Paste All Bills to Folder to send Bulk Invoice in one Go

Works with almost all Accounting and Billing Software like Tally, Busy, Marg, Miracle, Vyapar, ProfitBooks, ZohoBooks, QuickBooks etc.

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    Sending PDF invoices via WhatsApp can be a convenient way to quickly and easily share billing information with customers. Here are some key considerations for automating this process:
  • Automated Transactional WhatsApp Message Sender: To send automated transactional messages via WhatsApp, you can use a third-party tool that supports WhatsApp integration. This tool should allow you to customize the message content and send messages in bulk.
  • Save or Drop Bills to Folder: In order to send PDF invoices via WhatsApp, you will need to have a process in place for saving or dropping bills to a specific folder. This could be done manually or automatically, depending on the capabilities of your accounting or billing software.
  • Grabs Mobile Number and Bill Details: To automate the process of sending PDF invoices via WhatsApp, you will need to extract the mobile number and bill details from the PDF invoices. This could be done using a tool that supports PDF parsing, or by using a custom script to extract the information.
  • Copy-Paste All Bills to Folder: To send bulk invoices in one go, you can copy and paste all bills into a specific folder. From there, the automated WhatsApp message sender can pick up the bills and send them to the appropriate mobile numbers.
  • Integration with Accounting and Billing Software: To make this process as efficient as possible, it is important to integrate your automated WhatsApp message sender with your accounting and billing software. This will allow you to automatically send invoices and other billing information directly from your software.

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