Bonrix Bonrix introduce new B2C Recharge Portal - "Open Recharge"

1. Recharge without Login
2. No Wallet System
3. Express Recharge Using QR code Scan
4. Instant Discount / Commision for Customers
5. Spot Refund on Recharge Failure
6. Powered by ICICI Bank BHIM UPI Collection

This portal is best as standby solution for retailer for express recharge and instant commission, Also good for customers who are using Google Pay, Phone Pe, Paytm etc. for Recharge but not getting any discount on it.

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    Bonrix has introduced a new B2C Recharge Portal called "Open Recharge" that offers a range of features to make the recharge process more convenient for customers and retailers. Here are some of the key features of Open Recharge:
  • Recharge without Login: Customers can easily recharge their accounts without having to log in or create an account.
  • No Wallet System: Open Recharge does not have a wallet system, which means that customers can directly recharge their accounts without any hassle.
  • Express Recharge Using QR code Scan: Customers can scan a QR code to quickly and easily recharge their accounts.
  • Instant Discount / Commission for Customers: Customers can enjoy instant discounts and commissions on their recharges.
  • Spot Refund on Recharge Failure: If a recharge fails, customers can receive a refund on the spot.
  • Powered by ICICI Bank BHIM UPI Collection: Open Recharge is powered by ICICI Bank's BHIM UPI Collection, which ensures a safe and secure payment process.
  • Overall, Open Recharge is an excellent standby solution for retailers who need to quickly recharge their customers' accounts and provide instant commission.
  • Additionally, customers who use mobile payment apps such as Google Pay, Phone Pe, and Paytm can benefit from the discounts and convenience offered by Open Recharge.

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