-- Lowest power consumption PD500-i is only 0.5W
-- PD500-i 24*48 / 40*80 dot matrix
-- 40 character (20x2) 80 character (20x4) display more information
-- Character / background colours can be changed freely

QR Code Program Integration for BHIM UPI Payment Collection Lowest Price Option ₹ 2XXX.00 + GST

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    The 5 inch USB POS customer display pole is a device that can be used in point-of-sale (POS) systems to display information to customers. Here are some of the features of this device:
  • Low power consumption: The PD500-i has a low power consumption of only 0.5W, making it an energy-efficient choice.
  • Dot matrix display: The PD500-i has a 24x48 or 40x80 dot matrix display, which can display more information than traditional customer displays.
  • Multiple display options: The display can show up to 40 characters in a 20x2 format, or up to 80 characters in a 20x4 format, providing multiple options for displaying information.
  • Customizable display: The character and background colors on the display can be changed as needed to match the branding of the business.
  • QR code program integration: The device can be integrated with QR code programs to enable BHIM UPI payment collection, making it easier for customers to make payments using their preferred mode of payment.
  • Affordable price: The PD500-i is available at a competitive price of ₹ 2XXX.00 + GST, making it an affordable option for businesses looking for a customer display device.

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