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    The Bonrix Business Platform is a suite of tools and services designed to help businesses leverage the WhatsApp Cloud API for various purposes. Some of the key features of the Bonrix Business Platform include:
  • Marketing Campaign: This feature allows businesses to create and run marketing campaigns on WhatsApp, enabling them to reach a large audience and promote their products or services.
  • Chat Bot Development: With this feature, businesses can develop chatbots for customer service, support, or other purposes, helping them to automate certain tasks and improve their overall customer experience.
  • Alerts and Notifications: This feature allows businesses to send alerts and notifications to their customers on WhatsApp, keeping them informed about important events, updates, or other information.
  • Send OTP & Transaction SMS: This feature enables businesses to send One Time Passwords (OTPs) and transactional SMS messages to their customers, improving the security of their transactions and communications.
  • Send Invoice & Quotation PDF: This feature enables businesses to send invoices and quotation PDFs to their customers on WhatsApp, making it easier to conduct transactions and manage sales.
  • Ecommerce & Payment Services: This feature provides businesses with ecommerce and payment services, enabling them to sell products and services on WhatsApp and facilitate transactions with their customers.

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