Dynamic QR Code Display Machine - PD-500-I - 5 inch TFT-LCD USB Display

-- Dynamic QR Code USB Display connectable with Android handset using USB C to USB Female Adapter (USB Type C Male to USB Female OTG Cable).
-- Android App provides facility to display Dynamic QR code on Display as per as amount entered by user and subsequent payment collection status like Success / Fail / Cancel.
-- Also provides daily transaction report and day wise aggregate report of payment collection using BHIM UPI.

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    The PD-500-I Dynamic QR Code Display Machine is a compact and versatile payment collection solution for businesses. Here are some additional features and benefits of this device:
  1. User-friendly display: The 5-inch TFT-LCD USB display is easy to read and displays dynamic QR codes as per the amount entered by the user.
  2. Seamless connectivity: The Dynamic QR Code Display Machine can be connected to an Android handset using a USB C to USB Female Adapter (USB Type C Male to USB Female OTG Cable) for easy and reliable connectivity.
  3. Customizable QR codes: The Android app that comes with the device allows for the generation of dynamic QR codes that can be customized with specific payment amounts and other parameters.
  4. Real-time payment tracking: The app provides real-time updates on the status of payments made using the dynamic QR codes, including success, fail, or cancel status.
  5. Transaction reports: The daily transaction report and day-wise aggregate report provided by the app can be useful for businesses to track their sales and revenue, as well as identify trends and patterns in payment collection.
  6. BHIM UPI compatibility: The Dynamic QR Code Display Machine supports payment collection using BHIM UPI, a popular digital payments platform in India, which makes it convenient for customers to pay using their preferred mode of payment.
  7. Portable and lightweight: The device is portable and lightweight, making it easy to carry and set up at different locations as needed.

Android App for BHIM UPI Payment Collection using Dynamic QR Code Display USB Machine


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Dyanamic QR Code Display Machine-PD-500-I-5 inch TFT-LCD USB Display

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