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OpenVox is known for its VoIP GSM gateways which allow for the sending and receiving of SMS messages and calls over GSM networks. The ability to support multiple ports means you can have multiple SIM cards from various carriers, increasing your reach and flexibility in terms of network coverage and costs.

Requirements for Bulk SMS Software:
1.Compatibility with OpenVox: The software should natively support OpenVox gateways or have APIs that can be integrated.
2.Support for Multiple Ports: Since your gateway has varying port options (8, 16, 32), the software should be able to handle simultaneous connections.
3.VoLTE Support: VoLTE (Voice over LTE) is the standard for high-speed wireless communication for mobile phones, so support for this ensures better quality and reliability.
4.User-Friendly Interface: For ease of use, especially if sending bulk SMSes.
5.Scheduling & Automation: The ability to schedule SMS messages or automate sending based on certain triggers or events.
6.Detailed Reporting: Insights into the SMS delivery status, failed messages, and other.

The Bonrix software, tailored for bulk messaging, aligns seamlessly with the OpenVox VoIP GSM Gateway. It's designed to support VoLTE and various port configurations (8, 16, 32). OpenVox stands out for its GSM gateways that facilitate both sending and receiving SMS and calls via GSM networks. Its multi-port capability allows the use of several SIM cards from different carriers, broadening accessibility and offering flexibility in network coverage and pricing.

*Bulk SMS Software Essentials:*
1. *OpenVox Compatibility*: Direct compatibility with OpenVox gateways or potential integration through APIs is crucial.
2. *Multi-Port Handling*: The software should efficiently manage varying port configurations like 8, 16, or 32.
3. *VoLTE Integration*: With VoLTE being the gold standard for swift wireless mobile communication, its support is vital for top-notch quality and dependability.
4. *User-Centric Design*: A user-friendly interface is key, especially for bulk messaging tasks.
5. *Smart Scheduling*: Features to schedule and automate SMS dispatch based on specific conditions are a must.
6. *In-depth Analysis*: The software should provide comprehensive reports on SMS delivery outcomes, including unsuccessful attempts.

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