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Bonrix VoIP Auto Dialer – SIP , This Android apps is developed for outbound call center for processing leads via different types of VoIP Gateway. It is developed for automated calling from Andorid based Mobile Handset, Tablets or desktop based phone working on different VoIP based technology. Follwing are the example of different VoIP based gateway.

1. Direct VoIP Service
2. GSM VoIP Gateway.
3. PSTN VoIP Gateway
4. PRI Line to VoIP Gateway.
5. Asterisk and other IP PBX Device and software.

This application is for processing lead from computer by telephony device which has VoIP access via any SIP based gateway, thus it present good example for CTI – Computer telephony integration.

It requires Support from either desktop application or a web application for managing leads and telecaller, dialer , voice agent accounts. This application is available from following website

This application is developed for telecaller / dialer / voice agent who can work on lead either from home or from in house call center using there Android handset or tablet. WiFi based network is necessary at call center for downloading leads one by one from central software, while for remote operation GSM/GPRS/3G/CDMA internet can be used to download leads from central website. one lead get downloaded to handset it does auto dial to that mobile / landline number using voip/ sip gateway and voice call agent can do necessary communication from hands-free or head set attached to Android mobile phones or tablet
It keeps report of successful and fail call and submit status report to central software after completion of each call.
Center software either desktop apps or Website is responsible keep statistics of each voice agent and necessary sucesss-fail reporting.

This application is based on open source VoIP/SIP Client – Sipdroid which support almost all different type of VoIP gateway.


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