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Bonrix Recharge GRID is B2B plateforms for API Buer and Seller. Its market place for buying and selling Mobile Recharge API, DTH Recharge API, Postpaid Payment. API and Bill Utility Payment API.
There are easy to use facility for publishing Commission structure and communicate directly with API User. Same way API User can search through best api commission provider.
Multi-sim Mobile Recharge Service Provider can register them self as API User or Provider.

Search Best API Provider
Search through largest database of best API provider. View operator wise commission structure and find contact details to make deal.

Search Prospective API User
Search through high volume recharge API user list. Check their operator wise commission expectation. View their usage statistics to give them best deals.

No Static IP
Bonrix Recharge Grid is directly connected with Bonrix Recharge System – Lapu based Desktop system using new Web Socket technology and its doesn’t require static IP address at API Provider or API user ends.

Prepaid, PostPaid, DTH & BillPay
All type of service under one umbrella. search thoght API provider of all ype of service like Prepaid, PostPaid, DTH & BillPay for all possible operator in INDIA.

Bonrix Recharge GRID provides single point of integration for all type of yours PrePaid, PostPaid, DTH & BillPay recharge requirements. Either you may be recharge service provider or recharge service user, yours single integration with recharge grid will enable you to use service from any service provider and vice versa. Bonrix Recharge GRID user will able to do recharge routing to particular recharge service provider based on operator setting.

Benefits for Recharge Service Provider :
1. 1.Search through proactive client and offer them best commission structure operator wise.
2. Increase your visibility to all recharge service user and increase you recharge volume.
3. No API integration required by client for using your recharge service.
4.Recharge will routed to your system automatically via recharge grid and in same way your
notification or recharge status confirmation(i.e success /fail) will also route to right destination by itself using recharge grid.
Benefits for Recharge Service User :
1. 1.Search through best recharge service provider from operator wise commission structure published by recharge service provider.
2. Single point integration for all type of recharge service like Prepaid , Post Paid, DTG & Billpay.
3. Redundancy and auto-routing enable to you to rout your recharge to particular recharge service provider and in case of failure you may switch to any other recharge service provider.
4. No API integration required so you may able to terminate your recharge traffic to any destination (i.e. recharge service provider) via recharge grid as per as your selection.


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