Bonrix Recharge GRID Multi SIM

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Bonrix Recharge GRID MultiSIM is Android application for multisim recharges system using lapu sim or demo sim card. This android application remian connected with centralised server that is “Bonrix Recharge GRID” ( Recharge is getting passed to android handset via API provide by recharge grid solutions. There are many options in app for performing recharge operation.

1. This recharge app maintains queue of pending recharge.
2. Recharge can be done either in manual way or in automatic fashion.
3. There are option for setting recharge mode in SMS, USSD, USSD STK & SIM STK
4. Recharge notification generated automatically on customised URL recharge SUCESS & FAIL confirmation.
5. SMS broadcast received has been applied to forward incoming SMS to third part website for deciding on recharge confirmation.
6. There is also fail-over support for auto connection with centralized server that is “Bonrix Recharge GRID”.

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