Bonrix Bakery POS

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POS point of sale app, is now tailor made to work with the Android tablets. Bakery POS Software works for segments like Cafe’s, Pizza, Bakeries, Ice cream, Coffee shop.
>> Improved guest service
>> Migrating your data for an easy setup
>> Increased Efficiency
>> Reduced labor costs
>> Doubled guest satisfaction
>> Monitor business with real-time reports
>> Scale up your business/Chain with easy setup & monitoringKey Features:
>> Manage menu items, categories, modifier Offer discounts>> Manage multiple order types
>> Print Order Receipt
>> SMS Order Receipts
>> Manage Product Sequence
>> Manage sessions
>> Manage/Edit price-book
>> Manage tax based on order types
>> Manage token number based on order types
>> Manage multiple outlets
>> Manage security based on user and role
>> Restaurant POS System
>> Restaurant Software
>> Bakery shop POS
>> Bakery shop Point of Sale
>> Cafe Point of Sale
>> Food truck POS
>> Food truck Point of Sale
>> Shop POS
>> POS System
>> Icecream shop point of sale
>> Foodcourt pos
>> Restaurant billing software
>> Coffee shop POS


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