Fruit And Vegetable Billing Software - Android App For Tables

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POS point of sale app with inventory, is now tailor made to work with the Android tablets.
Fruit & Vegetable Mart POS Software works for segments like Veg&Fruit, Cafe's, Pizza, Bakeries, Ice cream, Coffee shop.

1. Improved guest service
2. Migrating your data for an easy setup
3. Increased Efficiency
5. Reduced labor costs
4. Doubled guest satisfaction
6. Monitor business with real-time reports
7. Scale up your business/Chain with easy setup & monitoring

*Key Features:*
1. Manage menu items, categories, modifier Offer discounts
2. Manage multiple order types
3. Manage Purchase/Adjust/Wastage/Sale Inventory
4. Manage Customer/Vendor
5. Print Kitchen Tickets
6. Email receipts
7. Manage refunds
8. Manage sessions
9. Manage price-book
10. Manage tax based on order types,multiple outlets,token number based on order types and security based on user and role

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Fruit And Vegetable Billing Software - Android App For Tables



Fruit and Vegetable Billing Software for Retail Shop - Android App For Tables

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