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MMS (Multimedia Message): Send More Than Just Words

One of the most recent developments in mobile messaging is known as multimedia messaging service (MMS). Just as the traditional short message service (SMS), multimedia messaging provides automatic and immediate delivery of personal messages. Unlike the SMS however, MMS allows mobile phone users to enhance their messages by incorporating sound, images, and other rich content, transforming it into a personalized visual and audio message.

But MMS technology offers more than just a broadening of message content. With MMS, it is not only possible to send your multimedia messages from one phone to another, but also from phone to email, and vice versa. This feature dramatically increases the possibilities of mobile communication, both for private and corporate use.

Multimedia messaging reshapes the landscape of mobile communication, making it more personal, more versatile, and more expressive than ever before. That's why we're thrilled by it, and we think you will be too.


Although MMS encompasses a wide range of content types, it is a logical extension of SMS, making it easily adoptable for today's generation of mobile users. Another advantage of MMS is that the message is a multimedia presentation in a single entry, not a text file with attachments, making it much simpler and user-friendly.


The MMS standard lists JPEG, GIF, text, AMR voice, and other formats as supported media types, while unsupported formats are handled in a controlled way. Like SMS, MMS is an open industry standard, and MMS messages can be delivered using existing networks and protocols. MMS is also bearer-independent, which means it is not limited to GSM or WCDMA networks.


The speed of MMS transmission, although quick, is still dependent on the message size and on the bearer used. However, since the receiver is not aware of the ongoing transmission before the message has been delivered, the delay is imperceptible, making MMS as convenient to use as SMS.

One Channel, Many Benefits

Multimedia messaging service (MMS) can be used for both distribution of public content and sharing of personal content, making it a rich communication channel for phone users and a source of increasing revenue for operators and content providers.

MMS Drives Data Services

Nokia expects MMS to help drive the move to general packet radio service (GPRS) and data services. This is likely to encourage the development of MMS content like entertainment, information, games, and mobile commerce, which in turn will bring added value to both the users and content providers.

Increased Revenue across the Value Chain

As with short message service (SMS), the MMS value chain is relatively short, with content either created by the mobile phone users themselves or by third-party content providers, and with MMS store-and-forward services offered by the operator. The MMS business model will be an extension of the successful SMS business model, which has proven profitable for all links in the value chain.
Source : www.nokia.com

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