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Bonrix SMS Server 4 Nokia CDMA


Now Send SMS through Nokia CDMA Phone connected to PC via USB Data Cable using Boneix SMS Server 4 Nokia CDMA.

High Speed 127 Characters Long Text Message

15-20 SMS Per Minutes Through One Handset

Handsets Supported via DKU2 or CA-53 Cables are :: Nokia 6235, 6255, 6256, 6265, 2865, 6275, 6155, 6165, 3155

Handsets Supported via Blue tooth 1.1 :: Nokia 6255, 6256, 6265, 6275, 2865

Connect More Then One Handset to Achive High Thoughput(Available in Advance Version)

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Nokia Connectivity Data Cables: Download Driver :: Download Driver for Nokia 2865

Reliance Infocomm(RIM: Reliance India Mobile)

Tata Indicom

Nokia CDMA 6235 Connectivity Adapter Cable DKU-2
Download Driver
USB Connectivity Two Major CDMA Mobile Service Providers in India
Features of Software
  • Send SMS to any GSM or CDMA networks.

  • Send hundreds of messages in a go!

  • Send Single SMS or group/bulk SMS

  • High speed 127 characters text message

  • Send 100 sms in Re.1 on any network in Gujarat through Reliance.

  • Convenient address book feature to store mobile numbers

  • Desktop Phone Book software available

  • Integration With any Existing software

  • Complete accounting of sent messages maintained

  • Text message supported

  • Free DEMO is available.

Screen Shots: Bonrix SMS Server 4 Nokia CDMA

Software Details

Short for Code-Division Multiple Access(CDMA), a digital cellular technology that uses spread-spectrum techniques.

Bonrix SMS Server 4 Nokia CDMA can be used for developing applications that require to send/receive SMS in English as well as applications that require to send receive SMS in local languages (Unicode). Bonrix SMS Server 4 Nokia CDMA is a easy-to-use on Windows NT/XP/2000/2003 based machine. This bulk text messaging software can be used to send SMS to a list of phone numbers from your PC using any Compatible Nokia CDMA Hansets. The list of phone numbers can be either manually entered or imported from a text file, Excel worksheet or Access database. It can be used with any Nokia CDMA mobile phone handset connected to the PC using a USB data cable or Infrared device etc.

Bonrix SMS Server 4 Nokia CDMA is group SMS software for various purposes such as marketing through SMS and election campaign. It is compatible with latest Nokia CDMA mobile phones. It can be used to develop SMS system such as Bulk/Group SMS system, Two-way(AutoReply) SMS system, SMS-Alert system, Web SMS system, Corporate Intranet Web SMS system, Email2SMS & SMS2Email system. It can be also used for developing any other customized SMS system. Open API is also avialalbe for same purpose.

In India, SMS service is available at affordable rate from two major CDMA service provider Reliance infocomm (RIM:Reliance India Mobile) & TATA Indicomm. This SMS service can be used through our SMS software with any latest Nokia CDMA phones to achieve maximum gains through SMS.

Following is a Block Diagram which gives overview that how others softwares of bonrix can be used with Bonix SMS Server 4 Nokia CDMA.

Compatible Nokia CDMA Handsets
Nokia 6235 (DKU-2) (Tested)
Nokia 2865 (DKU-2) (Tested)
Nokia 6265 (DKU-2) (Tested)
Nokia 6255 (DKU-2) (Tested)
Nokia 6155 (DKU-2) (Tested)
Nokia 6275 (DKU-2) (Tested)
Nokia 6256 (DKU-2) (Tested)
Nokia 6165 (DKU-2) (Tested)
Nokia Connectivity Data Cables: Download Driver :: Download Driver for Nokia 2865
Connectivity Adapter Cable DKU-2
Nokia 3230, 3300, 6170, 6230, 6230i, 6260, 6235, 6630, 6650, 6670, 7270, 7600, 7610, 7700, 9300, 9500 and compatible phones.

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