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Welcome to NDNC NCPR Mobile Number Scrubbing or filtering Software

Bonrix NDNC Filter


Bonrix launches a new product Bonrix NDNC Filter; it's a desktop based product to help its customers/telemarketers to scrub mobile numbers against NDNC/NCPR data.

Bonrix NDNC Filter is a desktop software package capable of removing the phone numbers contained in a 'National Do Not Call' (NDNC) registry and also in National Customer preference Register data (NCPR) from any desired list of phone numbers. Thus it’s a mobile number filtering or scrubbing software which will remove blocked numbers from a list of mobile numbers to whom you want to contact for commercial communication. It utilizes a simple two-step wizard to browse for the list of choice and select the phone number field. The program generates two new lists, one containing the numbers which were found on the do not call list and one containing the numbers not found on the do not call list. The new lists will be in the same format as the original list and contain all of the information in each record such as name, or address. After the list has been scrubbed, the number of records found on the NDNC/NCPR list will be displayed as well as the number of records not found on the NDNC/NCPR list. The percent of numbers found on the DNC list will also be displayed. This is useful to monitor the quality of the lists you are receiving. Best suited for Registered Telemarketers, who are required to scrub the callers list with the registry and delete from their call lists phone numbers that are registered in the registry.

Bonrix NDNC Mobile Number Filtering software is according to new rules laid by TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, under website.


Telecom Commercial Communications Customer Preference Portal


National Do Not Call Registry

The primary objective of the National Do Not Call Registry (NDNC Registry) is to curb Unsolicited Commercial Communication (UCC). UCC has been defined as "any message, through telecommunications service, which is transmitted for the purpose of informing about, or soliciting or promoting any commercial transaction in relation to goods, investments or services which a subscriber opts not to receive.

The NDNC Registry will be a data base having the list of all telephone numbers of the subscribers who do not want to receive UCC. After the establishment of NDNC registry, Telephone subscriber (Landline or mobile) who does not wish to receive UCC, can register their telephone number with their telecom service provider for inclusion in the NDNC.

Everyone is aware of the growing menace of Unsolicited Commercial Communications (UCC) to telecom users. To curb this source of disturbance and inconvenience, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has issued "The Telecom Commercial Communications Customer Preference Regulations, 2010" on 1st December 2010. The Regulations prescribe a number of steps for protection of consumers from UCC. The primary objective is to ensure that consumers do not get commercial communications of promotional nature unless they have specifically opted for receiving them.


Features of Bonrix NDNC Mobile number filtering Software


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